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Worried About Your Water’s Safety?

We can test your water for different harmful bacterias!

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Toxic Chemicals?



Harmful Bacteria?

Remove Bacteria and Viruses From Your Water

If you get your water from a private or community well, and you suspect your water is not safe, consider a Sanitizer P99 for pure water and peace of mind. UV purifiers kill bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms without the use of chemicals, and are highly effective.

We Have Equipment that is Proven to Sanitize Your Water!

UV Lamp Sanitize



  • No chemicals
  • Be certain your water is safe
  • Very low maintenance

Stenner Chlorinator



  • Long lasting
  • Cost effective
  • Kills bacteria

Squeaky Clean

Brighter, Softer Laundry

Cleaner Hair

Softer Skin

Better Taste  |  Better Quality  |  Better Health

With a Seaman’s Water Softener

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