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Types of Iron We Treat

Clear Water Iron

Ferric hydroxide is visible in water and gives it a rust color because of oxidation. Unpleasant rusty color may be visible with particles of Iron as small as 50 microns.

Discolored Water

Ferrous bicarbonate is clear water iron meaning that it starts “clear” but becomes rusty when exposed to air (or other oxidizers).

Iron Bacterial

While it’s not considered a health threat; it can cause severe staining and damage fixtures and water treatment equipment. It’s a nuisance with taste and odor issues.

Safeway Water Iron Zapper

Safeway Water Iron, Sulfur and Manganese filters utilize oxygen, contained in your water, to oxidize Iron, Hydrogen Sulfide and Manganese, so they drop out of solution to form particles.  Periodically, the filter initiates a backwash cycle so the oxidized particles are flushed from the system.  Also, our control valve is designed to create an air pocket in the filter tank for additional oxidation and improved performance.

Safeway Water Iron & Sulfur systems do not need chemicals for oxidation.  However, if your water contains bacteria, water treatment chemicals may be required for disinfection.

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